February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Post with Sugar Cookie Recipe!

Valentine's day took on a whole new meaning when I became a mother. I still love the gifts I receive from my husband, but by now my husband has learned how much I appreciate the simple things (just makes him want to do more) and that the best way for me to make the best out of the holidays, is to make them the best for my babies.  I try to do little things to make every occasion special for them. Although, I'm sure they won't remember everything, I know I am creating wonderful memories for them. So I decided to make Valentine cookies with my little Valentine's. I had originally planned to make them for their classmates, however my very pregnant body would not allow me to function as I would have liked on the 13th. They really enjoyed creating their very own cookies. For them it was like arts and crafts you can eat!

Of course, I had to get the recipe from my "go-to" cooking blog Divas Can Cook for the best sugar cookie recipe ever! The truth is I can't stand sugar cookies! They always taste bland and just don't do anything for me. I originally made the Diva's recipe to create Halloween witch fingers and was pleasantly surprised. Of course I shouldn't have been, everything I've ever made from her site was "the business"!. The best thing about this recipe is that you will find most of the items already in your pantry! So go check it out and ENJOY!


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