January 28, 2013

32 Things I've Learned - Birthday Post

This morning I received a phone call from a very good friend of mine. She started off singing "Happy Birthday" like she always does but then stopped in the middle of the song and said "Ah hell, you're just getting old!". LOL. We spoke for awhile about different topics here and there. I couldn't believe how fast the last ten years have past. Even more so, I can't believe I'm 32! Ten years ago seems like yesterday! Ten years ago I was making really good money. More than most 40 year olds today. I loved my job, met the love of my life, got married, and had my first child. As today moved forward, I couldn't help but feel grateful for so many different things in my life. So I have decided to make a list of 32 things I've Learned about life so far....some of which I am very grateful for.

1. Life is what we make it. Literally.
2. When the children are frustrating you, that just means it's time to get on the floor an play with them.
3. Potato eyes are still creepy!
4. Pit Bulls are really lovable dogs if you show them love.
5. Everyone has a bunch of nuts in their family but that's what keeps it from being boring.
6. My mother is WAY more Mexican than I thought! LOL
7. Eating healthy is not difficult once you make it a habit.
8. Expect people to be exactly who they are.
9. Falling hard on your behind makes success so much sweeter.
10. I still need my Mommie even if she drives me crazy! =)
11. The older my children get the more I understand how my mother feels.
12. Happy Mommy means happy babies.
13. Being a mother doesn't mean giving up on your dreams...in fact, in means now is the time to make them happen! (Took years for me to figure this out...I stayed in the same situation for years because I was afraid to be "selfish".)
14. My husband is not a mind reader.
15. Family members can be chosen.
16. Parents are not some Superior Ultra Super Heros.
17. Siblings are also human.
18. My birthmark might never consume my entire head (silver hair strands).
19. Sweat is only sexy in a southern night club.
20. I don't have to be perfect all the time.
21. The older I get, my current music knowledge decreases and my knowledge of children's cartoons     increase.
22. All parent think they have the best children in the world, but I really do! ;)
23. DO NOT say "potty" when speaking to adults!
24. Cooking is not rocket science!
25. You Tube is the best teacher in the world!
26. Children can also be the best teachers!
27. I'm really as old as I feel. (A heck of a lot better than 20)
28. Love REALLY is the best gift ever!
29. My kids really have no rhythm! lol
30. Seeing myself in my oldest is not a bad thing after all.
31. Friendships need breaks once in awhile to stay strong.
32. My husband is the sweetest man I've ever known, but I'm still always right! lol


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