February 20, 2013

90 Days to Make It

When I first met my husband I felt that he was a very self-centered jerk. Apparently he had similar feelings about me. Unfortunately these feelings had occurred well before our first "Hello.". I worked at the mall in a Jewelry store that caters mostly to military personal. At the risk of coming across conceited, I did receive  A LOT of attention from the male soldiers. So he made the assumption that I was vain and chose not to speak to me in a welcoming manner. That attention did work to my benefit. I mean I am naturally shy, and it takes a lot for me to approach people I don't know. That is not a good trait if you're in sales and 90% of your costumers are lured into the store with witty conversation. Often I didn't have to say more then "Hello" or "Where are you from" to get the male soldiers into my store. Once the ice was broken I would close majority  of my sales. A girl had bills!!

After constantly seeing one anther at various places, what was once annoying became sweet serendipity. Evil glares turned into a few forced acknowledgements of each others presence such as a head nod or a "Hello". Those soon became a conversation of laughs and giggles and then our first date. I knew he was mine from that point on.

I picked up pretty quickly that he is a natural entertainer, and from the jump suggested that he pursue a career in comedy and/or acting. Trust me when I say it wasn't out of love because he was mine, I might be a little too quick to let him know what I think is good or not (I'm not always right according to his audience, lol) but out of pure belief and faith in him. He had a few successful small showcases with stand up comedy and had done several student and independent films. In January I was 7 months into my pregnancy with our fourth child. It seems whenever I become pregnant he feels the pressure to become successful more than usual. He made a promise to me that he would make it in Hollywood in 90 days. He even got a small part on Southland's season 5 episode 1 as an EMT. However, he was highly disappointed when his scene was cut and came across as just an "extra" in the background. That would have been an awesome reel! But hey, that's Hollywood. Fortunately he didn't take it personal, he knows that even the greatest scenes can be cut because it just doesn't go with the flow of the film.

My husband, LaVelle LaRue, decided to connect with a group of highly skilled people to create a reality show of himself, featuring our family, trying his best to make it in Hollywood in 90 days. You will all have the opportunity to view his struggles, our family struggles, and of course our highlights. In the process, those who desire to make it in Hollywood will learn the "Dos and Don'ts" of the industry through LaVelle LaRue's trial and errors.

Originally the show was intended for a major network. However, after a few meetings it was said that we "are too positive for a black mainstream reality TV family.".  That unless we can "raise hell" or be deemed in some kind of negative light, no one would be interested. Well, one thing we have definitely learned as a family is that no one will determine our future but us. So what is our next move? To keep on moving forward of course! Producing your very own show can be quite expensive with the cost of the crew and marketing. So we are asking those of you who are would like to see the up and downs of making it in the industry to donate here. You can donate as little as $1. Every bit counts! Rewards are given from good Karma to an interview with the cast and more!

To understand more, please view the video below. It's up to you if the show goes on or not. =)



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