August 16, 2011

Twin Souls

Like a summer nights breeze,
he's enticing,
Whispering to me about eternity.
What he doesn't know,
is that my funk lives within his soul.
and his within mine.

Divided parts of one soul.
Pushed together he completes my inner glow.
His half full of the delicious scent of masculinity,
Mine, femininity.....
He and I fit perfectly...
as we grind...
together the memories we have shared from several past lives.

Together again in perfect harmony.
With him I no longer need.
Exceptional, we are together.
Him and I forever.
No need to go,
we are twin souls.

Copyright  2011 Antoinette Clark - All Rights Reserved


Alison said...

Hey! Following you back from mbc! Love the blog! I look forward to seeing your future posts :)

CIao Mama's said...

Hello Hello
Following you from MBC...Love the poem. Would love to have you come by and visit my crazy blog.

Alison said...

Hey mama, I came back :) haha but to let you know that you have a Blog Award waiting to be claimed on my blog :) your blog was definitely an awesome recent discovery!

Domina said...

Oh wow!!! I just saw this comment!!! Thank you, how exciting!!

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