August 15, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I have now been a mother for 7 years, and I still feel as though I am grasping the fact that I am actually a mom. Some mornings I wake up and I wonder "Where did these little people come from?". I often reminisce of the days I was able to sleep in, party late, and not have to cook, EVER! As my mother would eloquently put it "One #@$@ to wipe, and one mouth to feed." .

With that being said, I love my three little sidekicks to pieces. They drive me crazy at times, but the truth is I look forward to their smiles, and their laughter that takes my breath away. They are wonderful and I try very hard to be the best mother I can be. I sometimes ask myself "Do I deserve these wonderful little beings?".
 Ignore the date, eventually I'll remember to remove it before I take pics.

As my children become older, I realize that how much they mimic me and my husband. My son wears my husband's boots. My daughters continuously go into my closet and play dress up. My one year old walks around the house wearing my 6inch heels and has perfected the "stiletto strut". My 7 year old knows my makeup routine step by step. I have even caught her trying to discipline her siblings in the same manner I discipline her. Of course, this is something that I have corrected. Not to mention the things that they say!

Bottom line, I am learning that what "they" say is true. We are our children's first and primary role models. It can be a little scary! Think about it. Father's are the primary example of what a man should be in the eyes of our children. Mother's are the primary example of what a woman should be in the eyes of children. Who do you want your child to become or share their lives with? We can tell our children many times not the be like us, but it is inevitable. So I try to censor myself around them (especially my daughters) and be an example of the personality and moral traits I would like them to have.I know they won't be perfect, but I will try might best to teach them how to make the right decisions.

 The Smith family are a great example of children mimicking their parents.
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Vicky said...

I know how you feel. I can't believe I am someone's mom! They look to me for answers! I still find this funny.

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