March 18, 2011

Turning Thirty


This past January I had the wonderful blessing of turning 30. I often  joke that I am still 21, however I am proud to be 30. I almost feel as if I worked hard to get here.

I have lacked true friendships while living in California during the last 6 years. Moving to a new place where you don't have immediate family or friends is very hard. I did have some acquaintances, but was not often invited out (my acquaintances with kids couldn't because they didn't have sitters, and the one's without kids assumed I couldn't because I had kids!). When I was invited out, I couldn't afford to go. I was in dire need of some girl time! 

With my birthday being so close to New Years' day, naturally I thought about how my 30's would better than my 20's. I didn't have to think about it long!

Out of nowhere a friend of mine, Givanna, invited my husband and myself over to her grandmother's home for a New Year's Eve celebration (which is also our wedding anniversary). I jumped at the opportunity! Before I received her invitation, I kept saying how much I wish I could just go hang out at a friends house for New Years Eve, just like I did from time to time when I lived in San Antonio, TX. Through glorious facebook, my social life was at the beginning of it's rejuvenation process.

Spending the New Year with Givanna

While at the New Year's celebration, Givanna had suggested another concern I had. I was turning 30, shouldn't I celebrate this moment with a mini B-day bash? Givanna's birthday is only two days before mine. So, she suggested we celebrate together....and we did, two weeks later in February!

Dancing with my husband at my B-day celebration. 

In March I celebrated another friends birthday! So I have averaged a night life at least once every month since the year began....with the occasional dinner and a movie with a close friend. I do not care to go out every weekend evening, but if there is an invite, I am going! This busy body has been a hermit for way too long. I think once a month during the evening is enough for me. As much as I love spending time with my hubby, girl time during the day sounds wonderful!!

Diane's B-day, Ignore the date
With the power of thinking and asking, my acquaintances turned into four friendships. It may not seem like a lot to some, but I have a close relationship with each and every one. I would keep my four friendships over several  acquaintances any day.

ASSIGNMENT: If you are a hermit like I once was, then I challenge you to go out and make a friend!! SMILE!!! There is nothing wrong with starting conversation! 3 out of 4 of my friendships began because I started a general conversation!! I know it is hard to meet new people as an adult...but you are a Domina who is beautiful from the inside out. Just go for it!!


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