May 16, 2010



She possesses powers beyond your understanding.
Carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders,

She will not roll over,

Into the pool of defeat.

Her happiness is concrete,

Concrete within her soul.

She is made of no mold.

Noble as she is,

She always gives,

And yet,

She will not forget

To care for her own well-being.

Built to bounce back,

From any circumstance,

She is the Dominating force in her life.

Though at times stressed,

She knows no strife!

She is a Domina!!

Copyright &nbsp2010 Antoinette Clark - All Rights Reserved

Greetings and Salutations!! If you have not figured it out by now the above poem is dedicated to, well, YOU! My name is Josephine, and just like you, I am a true Domina within my own right. I do NOT mean Domina in the sexual sense (but hey, whatever you do in your bedroom is your business…lol). I mean it more in a sense of dominating or having ownership of your world.

Like many women, I allowed so many people to have a piece of my power and I did not reserve any for myself. Little by little, we give our power to our spouses, our parents, our bosses, and even our beautiful children. Sometimes we even give it to strangers by allowing what they might think of us control our actions.
Well, I personally feel as though I need a makeover in every aspect of my life. Well, expect love, I have love pouring out of my ears thanks to my wonderful family.

However, I do need a makeover physically, emotionally, financially, and just an overall lifestyle change. I would go into more detail, but the truth is, I am going to allow you to see it all! Believe me when I say I am scared! Nevertheless, apart of my overall makeover is about letting go of my fear.

My hope is that I will help someone during my “personal” journey to a better me. So if you feel you need improvement in anyway than please follow my blog by clicking on the “Follow“ button located on the top of the right column. So from Pot to Kettle and one Domina to another I say “Get It Together, Domina!”.


Sybil Nelson said...

Go Girl!

I know what you mean about giving your power away. I recently gave myself a personality makeover. Now I'm going to school to get my Ph.D.!

Domina said...

Sybil, that is wonderful! I am a true believer that we must change our way on the inside before we can continue to lead a successful life or even change physically. Congrats with going to back to school to obtain your Ph.D.!! This is the kind of stuff I LOVE to hear!!!

My @ tha Hotness said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. :)

Domina said...

Thank ya Ms. Hotness!!

LAHips said...

I am one of your biggest fans and support, go for it love 100%.

Flourishe said...

Love love love this! So glad to have you on board to share yourself with the Flourishe community! You are such an Inspiration and your story will definitely Empower & Inspire Women to Get it Together! Let's Flourishe together!!

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