April 29, 2011

Planning and Executing Goals

I will be the first to admit that I have a HUGE problem with procrastination. I believe I am even guilty of various types of procrastination. But that is another blog topic. These last few weeks have been a struggle mentally. Mostly because I feel as though I have so much to do and never seem to get any of it done. So I have victimized myself into having two types of days. Either I am very busy in areas I truly don't care for at the time, or I become so overwhelmed with thoughts of my "I should do" list that at the end of the day I do not accomplish anything at all. Either way, the day would end with me feeling defeated and upset with myself.

I will also be the first to admit that sometimes I am too smart for my own good. I know I am great Iat certain areas of life and because of this I sometimes have the attitude of "Oh, that is too easy. I'll do that later". Of course, "later" never comes. I have been told time and time again that I am "sitting on millions". I know it is true.

So, what am I going to do about it?.....

I have finally taken the time to make a written plan for myself. I will not share it with you because I feel that it is between me and Spirit. However I will briefly mentioned how I planned it. Which you are all smart Dominas. So I know you already know how to do this. But there is nothing wrong with a little reminder.

  1. The first thing I did was list everything that is important to me. 
  2. Next I made my long term  goals for each subject.
  3. Then I made several short term goals that would eventually give me the result of my long term goal.
  4. I turned these short term goal into daily goals that will slowly help me chip at each long term goal....too easy!

Of course, I kept my kids schedule in mine. I plan to tackle my most important task while they nap, leaving the easier task for when they are awake. Seeing how they are my number one priority, the easier tasks will revolve around homework, playtime, and t-ball. I am handling my goals one moment at a time.



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