February 18, 2011

The Unexpected

I unexpectedly had a very personal and bad experience yesterday. I am disappointed with my current situation. I even dreamed about it. How did we allow things to come to this point? It is amazing how quickly life's circumstances can change from best to worst. I seriously do not want to do anything. I just want to sit here and wait for this whole situation to go away. BUT I WILL NOT!

Every family should have a "family mission". Ours is to be happy everyday. No, I am not happy with the mess we have gotten ourselves into, but at least this situation is not worst than what it is; I am happy about that! I am still human. I have cried periodically and probably will continue to do so. However, I have smiled more. What is the point of wasting my tears and thoughts on negativity, when I know in the end I will have exactly the positive results I want? I only pray that it will be sooner than later. Even through the unexpected we must eat, exercise, rejoice, love, smile, and laugh!

I have gone through a lot in my life. Who hasn't? I will not allow this moment to define me. I am not special because of it and I am not horrible due to it. It just is.There are no excuses for me or any of you. We are all going through something! So as I "Get It Together", I say to you....

Get it Together, 


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